Our Services

Tutor On Call

Are  you studying Law but Time seems to elude you?  We at Advocatus have Tutor on CALL for you. From as little as R 180 per Hour .

Whatsapp Study Groups

Interact with other learners and the Tutor . .


Practice makes perfect if you do it the right way.

Through our Simulated Court competitions we endeavor to expose our students to different legal problems

Research / Academic Writing /Co-supervision

If you need assistance with your research project or general typing services Advocatus is the place for you. .

More Services

Academic excursions

Planned Trips to the Constitutional Court – Live Broadcast and Recorded versions available for all students who have time constraints .

Happy Support

No person is an island – At Advocatus we provide academic related support to our clients.

The support includes inter alia:

  • Module selection pointers.
  • Study Techniques.
  • Answering techniques.
  • Exam preparation.

A man who uses force is afraid of reasoning

. ~Kenyan proverb