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Welcome to Advocatus,


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Thanks to “Rights”- You can join our dynamic team of legal minds.


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Advocatus is a private legal platform.

As a duly registered juristic entity.  Advocatus specialises in offering Law Tutorial Classes.  As Tutorial facility, we have received overwhelming numbers and support from UNISA students both locally and internationally.


Similar to our hybrid legal system, at Advocatus, we not only aim at providing our clients with the theoretic aspects of their studies but also add a blend of practical and current aspects of learning. We simply have no limits to innovative learning.


Our blended style of learning not only seeks to accommodate face to face sessions in Pretoria but also make use of latest technological equipment to cater for our local clients who cannot attend face to face sessions.


                                                               TUTOR ON CALL

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                                                               # Unit and Chapter discussions

                                                               # Concept Discussions